Lets do it one last time :)

Hey Everyone,

I am doing a post after ages on my website, as I have been seriously occupied in a while :) :)

I have been out of Gaming for long, and Movie Making even longer. I have been feeling like making a movie for couple of days. so here is the deal, let’s do an ALL INDIA FRAG MOVIE, we haven’t had one in a long time i guess.Send me the BEST FRAGS you have. Here are the points you should take care when sending ur entries.

1. Only demos from clan matches will be accepted. 5 on 5, with proper team tags, online or LAN doesn’t matter, (POVS /HLTV). A player can send multiple entries. Deagle shots, spams or any weird stuff is also welcomed, and especially bloopers that I can use in video exit :P .

2. Make a notepad file and put the view demo timings of the kills.
For example u got 4 kills at 24 the minute. put it like 4 AWP kills at 24th minute( use viewdemo to check frag timings )
save the notepad file.

3. Zip/Rar the demo + the notepad file , name it like playername_no_of_kills like Nemesis_4AWP KILLS.zip

4.  Mail it to amitojduggal at gmail com (writing my email id this way to protect spam from advertisement bots :P ) , In case the file size is too large, upload it to some online storage website, like mediafire.com, and email the link.

5. Recheck above 4 points

Please Treat this as High Priority, inform you friends/Team Mates/Lan mates. i will put any frag that is good irrespective of the player name, as no one is a priority for me!

Thanks for the support all these years guys, this is my way to pay it all back.
Lets do it for the one LAST time!

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Uploaded: WCG India 2007 Video

I have been receiving alot of requests for this video.  Very sorry for the delays, but its here finally (WCG INDIA 2007 Video), move on to the downloads page to get it !!


and yes this was my first edit ever !!!

cheers !!!!

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Steelseries India Expansion: Introducing Special offers this festive season..

well we all have been Steelseries fans for ages now, and since now they are expanding their promotion here in our country, we will have better pricing and discounts available on our favorite gaming gadgets.

So in the post today i am going to highlight the various offers and discounts available for the gamers in this festive season, and also where you can buy the stuff easily and economically.


Products ( Offer Details )  :

(30 percent off on Steelseries mouse pads)

Steelseries SP Mouse Pad:
MRP: 2199  Offer Price: Rs.1539

Steelseries S&S Solo Mouse Pad:
MRP: 1499  Offer Price: Rs. 1049

Steelseries 5L Mouse Pad:
MRP: 2499  Offer Price: Rs.1749

Steelseries SX  Mouse Pad:
MRP: 3899  Offer Price: Rs.2729

Steelseries Qck Iron Lady (Pink) Mouse Pad:
MRP: 999   Offer Price: Rs.699

SS Experience I-2 Black Mouse Pad:
MRP: 2999  Offer Price: Rs.2099

Steelseries Iron Lady Bundle(White) – Ikari Laser Mice + Mouse Pad:
MRP: 7399  Offer Price: Rs.5179

Steelseries Iron Lady Bundle(Pink)- Ikari Laser Mice + Mouse Pad:
MRP: 7399  Offer Price: Rs.5179

Where to Buy ?

call on: 09999896585 ( Sashank )
or visit: www.faxtelindia.com


Note:  Faxtel India are official distributors of Steelseries in India

or just leave a comment here below the post, i will help you with it !!

Offer is valid till 20th october/ till the stock lasts.


  • SS SP Mouse Pad

MRP: 2199

Offer Price: Rs.1539

  • SS S&S Solo Mouse Pad

MRP: 1499

Offer Price: Rs1049

  • SS 5L Mouse Pad

MRP: 2499

Offer Price: Rs.1749

  • SS SX  Mouse Pad

MRP: 3899

Offer Price: Rs.2729

  • SS Qck Iron Lady (Pink) Mouse Pad

MRP: 999

Offer Price: Rs.699

  • SS Experience 1-2 Black Mouse Pad

MRP: 2999

Offer Price: Rs.2099

  • SS Iron Lady Bundle(White) – Ikari Laser Mice + Mouse Pad

MRP: 7399

Offer Price: Rs.5179

  • SS Iron Lady Bundle(Pink)- Ikari Laser Mice + Mouse Pad

MRP: 7399

Offer Price: Rs.5179

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Time for a change !!

been thinking about changing the layout for the website for quite sometime now, and i guess the time is now !! since the number of suggestions and users is increasing day by day, and this website is solely run on my own no advertising , no sponsorships & no assistance.

i am thinking of bringing in some new ideas, improving the presentation for specific content people look for here, tutorials and video edit mainly, and also trying to bring in some guest writers and some interviews, video tutorials , sponsored hardware reviews and much much more.

i leave you here with the new logo u going to see around in the near future!!


and yes i am going to do a tutorial on this effect too !!
i hope i can get my will power moving forever and ever.

cyyyaaaaaaaa !!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Graphics card settings for Gaming/Moviemaking

hey everyone,

i been keeping seriously busy with work these days, my x264 encoding tutorial is still unfinished, so many settings to take care of. Hoping i will finish it sooner.

i have been asked quite alot of time about the graphics card settings that i use for moviemaking and also for normal gaming. so here are my settings, i use Nvidia 8800GT, so the settings might differ if you are using another graphics card, but must surely be having alternatives.

Browse down to Control Panel> Nvidia Control Panel | Manage 3d Settings

we are going to manipulate The ” Global Settings” here, the similar can be done with settings for specific “Programs”, but global settings are better when you play a good amount of games, or use software like 3dmax, maya, or cinema 4d. though most of the games now a days have their own 3d control panel to set values for anti aliasing, but you can alternatively set it global, that suits well for most of the games.

Settings for Normal Gaming :
the game i m focusing here is off-course our favorite ” Counter Strike”, if you have been playing with default graphics card settings for sometime, you will be surprised how some settings can make the game interesting and improves the overall gameplay.



i remember when i first switched from normal settings to these, my gameplay improved a little when it comes to counter strike, cause the depth is improved by changing anti aliasing settings,  the things far off appear better, better vision, better headshots lol.

Settings for Movie making:
Precaution: These settings are hardware intensive, only use these settings when you are taking screen shots using “start movie” or using fraps for recording game footage.



After these settings you will be surprised to see how sharper things look within the game, and thats what we actually need in movies, the boxes edges will look sharper, the distances will look clearer.

thats it for now :)

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Code the Video Episode 2 : Encoding In XVID !


heyyy all,

i know its been a long time since i wrote the first encoding guide, the episode 1 : encoding guide in WMV,  Glad that everyone liked it :) . So i am back here with a more complicated codec called XVID, probably an successor of DIVX ( written in reverse).

i dont remember using XVID much, cause i was kinda lazy to first export the file as uncompressed avi and then encode it seperately using virtual dub :P , so i used to just output it as WMV, which i still like alot though. But lets try something different now. I am going to tell you how its actually done in a proper way, so that we can achieve the best possible quality on a given bit rate.


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Music Used in The Previous Movies !!

i have always been seriously choosy about Music when it comes to using it with a counter strike movie, its something like whenever i like some  tune, i m like ” Bang, m going to use this one in my next edit “, have got a long list of unused music now. I should get back to editing sooner. Haven’t seen anyone from India doing it at regular basis now a days, with j0jo coming forward with a good movie and also Detonator trying his hands out on edit, i feel really proud, that the legacy that started from delirious passed through me to many people around now.

But that’s not for what this post is about , its about the music i have used in my previous movies. i have received a lot of requests about making a post regarding all the music i have used so far. So here it goes !!!

WCG India 2007 :

30 Seconds to Mars – battle to one
Skillet – Falling Inside the black
Thousand Foot Krutch- Move
Linkin Park- Bleed It Out


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Fixed the layout in Internet Explorer and contact form !!!

i am seriously sorry about it guys, the layout was kinda breaking up in Internet explorer 6,7,8…..

the bug was in doctype specifications… so just incase u also encounter the problem of website looking bad in Internet explorer, just put the document type specification at the top of ur html !!! that will solve the issue. in my case i added..

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd”>

and also fixed the contact form, since i have upgraded to wordpress 2.8 i was going nuts regarding it not being  displayed on the page, now its all fine n working..

Thanks to everyone who keep reporting the bugs :)

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Releasing My Gotfrag week In Reviews!!!

i have done about 5 week in reviews for Gotfrag, in continuos weeks, sadly couldn’t continue with the edits after those, but these edits were never released for downloads, the only way u might b having those on ur PC, must b from few file mirrors i made, after i received alot of complaints about the video player on Gameroom not behaving nicely.

So here u have downloads links to all the week in reviews i have done with Gotrag, i promise i will b back with the reviews sometime in the future, cause i still work under gotfrag label . So for the time being just enjoy these 5 short clips.

Move on to the download section or if ur too lazy to navigate , here is the link :P



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[ Code The Video ] Chapter 1 : Rendering In WMV


Welcome to the new series of articles that i am going to present in upcoming posts on the website, this is called ” Code the Video ” , encoding the video after post production or editing is one of the most important parts of all editing work. When rendering your video from You production software you must be aware of what bit rate ( bits per second ) is actually required for proper conservation of the quality, without making the size too large for viewers to stream of download.

In today’s episode of ” Code the Video” ,  i am going to guide you about how to encode any video edit into WMV ( Windows Media Video). Encoding in wmv is one the easiest things to do, but you just need to be careful with bit rate and some other settings. i have used wmv encoding for most of my videos, until recently only i have started using x264 , which i am going to explain in my future posts. So, Lets get started !!

The software example i am using here is of Sony Vegas, other softwares have similar settings too, so its very basic. After you have finished making your  project in sony vegas, added effects, and your now ready to show it to the world.

Go to File > Render As  , you will be greeted with a window having basic settings for selecting the encoding type ,


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