[ Code The Video ] Chapter 1 : Rendering In WMV


Welcome to the new series of articles that i am going to present in upcoming posts on the website, this is called ” Code the Video ” , encoding the video after post production or editing is one of the most important parts of all editing work. When rendering your video from You production software you must be aware of what bit rate ( bits per second ) is actually required for proper conservation of the quality, without making the size too large for viewers to stream of download.

In today’s episode of ” Code the Video” ,  i am going to guide you about how to encode any video edit into WMV ( Windows Media Video). Encoding in wmv is one the easiest things to do, but you just need to be careful with bit rate and some other settings. i have used wmv encoding for most of my videos, until recently only i have started using x264 , which i am going to explain in my future posts. So, Lets get started !!

The software example i am using here is of Sony Vegas, other softwares have similar settings too, so its very basic. After you have finished making your  project in sony vegas, added effects, and your now ready to show it to the world.

Go to File > Render As  , you will be greeted with a window having basic settings for selecting the encoding type ,


Give your file a NAME
Select ” WINDOWS MEDIA VIDEO v 9″ from the list, if you don’t find it in the list there, you might not have installed wmv codec on your pc, download some codec pack, or just google it for wmv codec.

3rd option below that is template, select ” Default Template” and click ” Custom” bottom in front of that, now we will be making custom settings for our edit ! .

On the first tab called  ” Project ” , select render setting to be ” BEST “.

Now move to the next tab ” Audio ” , Make sure include audio is checked , Make the settings like , MODE : CBR , Format : Windows Media Audio 9.2 ( or can even b 8 or 7 ) , Attributes : 128 kbps, 44khz


Next Tab is Very Important one, Video, now i have done my homework, have experimented with all of those options in the ” Mode”, the one that works very effectively and easily is ” BIT RATE VBR ” , select that from the list for MODE.  now in

FORMAT , you should select somewhere between ” 7-9″ version of WMV , i generally set it to ” windows media video v 9 ” .

Image size :  Keep Original Size

Pixel Ratio:  1:00

FPS : this should generally be some multiple of the frames you recorded video at, for example if you recorded it at 60 or 90 fps, you should use 30 from the options, and if you have recorded at 50 or 100, use 25. i have set it to 30 in my case.

Seconds Per frame: let it be default 3

Average Bit Rate : This is the most important part of rendering , this will determine the quality of your video render actually.

for a video with resolution : 1024 x 768 , set it somewhere over 6 M

for 800 x 600 Make it 5M

For a high definition video, keep it around 8M

My video is 800 x 600 so i m keeping 5 M as the bit rate.


Phewwww, you are done with all the major settings for the video render. now go at the very top, in the description part, remove all those details, and put something cool in there :P , like my render settings, or something like that, and above in template, just click and write ” My Config” or anything you can remember, and click the save icon just in front of that.

Your done with the settings, just click OK at the bottom , this will send you bank to the video save options. now make sure you have checked ” stretch video to fit output frame size ” , and just click save.

There you have it, your video properly encoded in WMV.

Stay tuned for Next ” Code the Video” Episode .

Enjoy !!!!

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  1. Ramaranjan Ruj says:

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  3. Ambar "ViKiD?" Singh says:

    Amitoj paaji tusi….best ho!! gr8 tutorial! :D

  4. Ambar "ViKiD?" Singh says:

    Amitoj paaji tusi….best ho!! gr8 tutorial! :D

  5. Ambar "ViKiD?" Singh says:

    Amitoj paaji tusi….best ho!! gr8 tutorial! :D

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