Design design design !!!

from the past 2 weeks i m just designing and designing and designing, starting off with my own portfolio website , to barcamp himachal website, placers. org coding my own website template was the toughest part of everything,  at times the content wasnt centered, then i centered it somehow and found out tht it distrubed configurations on the other side… cheeeeeeeee………..  added portfolio to it somehow, cause i had no sequence for the work i have done so far.. so it was really really tough.

Added download links, contact page…. and blah blah!!!!

and now i will seriously b focused on adding some nice tutorials on moviemaking and design, the way i do it.. many video tutorials, and simpler ones, and also my current projects abotu wich alot of people ask frequently will b up as well , and i promise to provide any kind of help wat so ever to the community in terms of answers to basic query falana falana.
:) :)

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