Moviemaking [ Basics Explained : Episode 1]

hey all,

i always wanted to see more n more ppl from India doing editing stuff, but never got the chance to see some :/ , probably because we r unaware of how to do it, or we r just too lazy to even attempt.


takes me ages back to the ACID movie by my really nice friend delirious , whom i really respect alot, probably this movie triggered me into esports editing, and made me think about how this stuff was actually done by him, glad tht i got a chance to see such a nice edit, by one of the best editors alive !!!!!
so today, i am going to post the basic procedure of how cs movies r made, or how i will make them.. i have been making movies for about an year n half now, so just a beginner , trying my best…

Here are the steps i follow :

this is just a BASIC tutorial about getting started, will explain advanced stuff in future posts.
softwares u need :
Sony vegas
Bmp to avi ( posted link )
virtual dub.

This is one step everyone should take care of before we start making the clip. A good graphics card is a must requirement for good cs movie editing, and a powerful system. Graphics card mainly helps in achieving high quality graphics on account of AA and AF , anti aliasing and anti fading. In simple words these 2 entities enhance graphics by redrawing the edges of the objects and making them look sharper than normal. Make sure both entities r set to maximum ( AA n AF) , before starting with moviemaking, and vertical sync is forced off.

I use a non steam setup for moviemaking, just cause it’s a good idea to keep ur moviemaking setup different from ur regular play one, if u don’t own steam, I recommend u make 2 copies of cs installation.
And also make sure u have plenty of hard disk space on the drive on which cs is installed, cause the subsequent steps going to consume hell a lot of disk space. On my pc I have created a special drive for moviemaking, 100 GBs separately, cause I don’t want it to mess up with my regular pc work. U must take care of disk space as it is mandatory.

Now we are ready to get started.

The foremost step is acquiring demos with good frags, FRAGS r most important part of the video, cause these are what everyone watch cs movies for….

U can use both type of demos for movie making i.e. POV and HLTV ones
Moviemakers prefer POV demos because these are more realistic and also better sound quality is obtained on recording from pov demos.

If u have plenty of demos and plan to make a big length movie, for a planned methodology I suggest u watch all the demos before hand and spot the frags, and note exact frag timing. It’s a good habit to go along this way.

Like forest 5 m4 kills : @ 3.40 ( time in respect to viewdemo)
After this step I assume u have spotted the frags in the demo and have noted down the frag timings (timings with respect to the demo player, used with “viewdemo” command)

3. Converting Frags to bmp series of clips :
you should turn off net graph, and saytext. To do so type net_Graph 0 and hud_saytext 0

Now most of the people use, a software called FRAPS for easily recording the screen and obtaining an avi file for the frag. But I surely wudnt recommend this one cause of mainly 2 things, it screws ur quality of video, 2nd it has very high requirements of hardware for proper functionally, mainly wen u record at 90 fps.

What I do is,
Start ur cs at about 800 x 600 , it’s a good resolution to begin with
Play the demo, and stop at the beginning of the frags.. go to console and type
startmovie anyname fps
Startmovie forest 90 ,
and then go the demo player n start playing the frag.
Wht this will do is, it will take 90 screenshots per seconds and make alotta bmp files in ur cstrike folder.
Everything will slow down on ur screen so don’t get scared LOLsss, to stop the recording wen the frag playback is over,
Type in console — endmovie.

Done, u have just finished the most hectic step of moviemaking lolzz…

4. Converting those BMP file to an Editable Video format.
So now u have these 1000’s of bmp files in ur cstrike folder, now the next step is to convert these files to a single avi file.
U can use many softwares for that , videomach, virtual dub
wht I will stress on here is , wich video format to export files in……
u need a very high quality file output from all this, previously I used to export to Uncompressed avi file, but I did small research and found this codec called, huffyuv . that not only exports the file in high quality but also, lowers down the file size to way less than that of uncompressed avi… please google for huffyuv codec and install it.
And if u having problems with huffyuv, I wud recommend exporting to uncompressed avi file only, that wud do it.

Now this is the part where u can show ur creativity and most interesting part of moviemaking,
I use the software called “ sony vegas” for this purpose. This software might look very tricky in first look, but it’s the easiest one, believe me.. if u want some tutorials to learn sony Vegas , just put sony vegas in youtube search and u will find many useful videos.

Now in there u can add effects transitions and sync the music with frags. Its FUN part. I love itt…. :D

6. Rendering :
When u have finished editing the video I wud recommend exporting to WMv format as a beginner . go to file > render as
And select WMV ( windows media video) , click on custom button, and go to the video tab, now for an 800 x 600 resolution movie , u need a bitrate of about 4 M , select bit rate vbr from drop down list , and keep all default settings , except put bitrate to 4 M.
Save ur file on hardisk, and ur movie is ready

No matter how bad it comes out to be, the only thing u should be able to learn from here is how to go about doing things and working methodology.

i will b back with advanced stuff like recording sound, adding music, sync, and using mirv tool in my upcoming posts…


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