Music Used in The Previous Movies !!

i have always been seriously choosy about Music when it comes to using it with a counter strike movie, its something like whenever i like someĀ  tune, i m like ” Bang, m going to use this one in my next edit “, have got a long list of unused music now. I should get back to editing sooner. Haven’t seen anyone from India doing it at regular basis now a days, with j0jo coming forward with a good movie and also Detonator trying his hands out on edit, i feel really proud, that the legacy that started from delirious passed through me to many people around now.

But that’s not for what this post is about , its about the music i have used in my previous movies. i have received a lot of requests about making a post regarding all the music i have used so far. So here it goes !!!

WCG India 2007 :

30 Seconds to Mars – battle to one
Skillet – Falling Inside the black
Thousand Foot Krutch- Move
Linkin Park- Bleed It Out

KODE 5 India 2008:

Trust Company – War is over
In Flames- The Mirror’s Truth

The Chaos Theory:

Globus – Preliator
Disciple – Game on
Killswitch Engage – This Fire Burn
Linkin Park – Leave out all the rest


PitchShifter – Genius

Rest all Gotfrag ones are Loyality free soundtrack :)

cyaa around !!

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