Graphics card settings for Gaming/Moviemaking

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i been keeping seriously busy with work these days, my x264 encoding tutorial is still unfinished, so many settings to take care of. Hoping i will finish it sooner.

i have been asked quite alot of time about the graphics card settings that i use for moviemaking and also for normal gaming. so here are my settings, i use Nvidia 8800GT, so the settings might differ if you are using another graphics card, but must surely be having alternatives.

Browse down to Control Panel> Nvidia Control Panel | Manage 3d Settings

we are going to manipulate The ” Global Settings” here, the similar can be done with settings for specific “Programs”, but global settings are better when you play a good amount of games, or use software like 3dmax, maya, or cinema 4d. though most of the games now a days have their own 3d control panel to set values for anti aliasing, but you can alternatively set it global, that suits well for most of the games.

Settings for Normal Gaming :
the game i m focusing here is off-course our favorite ” Counter Strike”, if you have been playing with default graphics card settings for sometime, you will be surprised how some settings can make the game interesting and improves the overall gameplay.



i remember when i first switched from normal settings to these, my gameplay improved a little when it comes to counter strike, cause the depth is improved by changing anti aliasing settings,  the things far off appear better, better vision, better headshots lol.

Settings for Movie making:
Precaution: These settings are hardware intensive, only use these settings when you are taking screen shots using “start movie” or using fraps for recording game footage.



After these settings you will be surprised to see how sharper things look within the game, and thats what we actually need in movies, the boxes edges will look sharper, the distances will look clearer.

thats it for now :)

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