Lets do it one last time :)

Hey Everyone,

I am doing a post after ages on my website, as I have been seriously occupied in a while :) :)

I have been out of Gaming for long, and Movie Making even longer. I have been feeling like making a movie for couple of days. so here is the deal, let’s do an ALL INDIA FRAG MOVIE, we haven’t had one in a long time i guess.Send me the BEST FRAGS you have. Here are the points you should take care when sending ur entries.

1. Only demos from clan matches will be accepted. 5 on 5, with proper team tags, online or LAN doesn’t matter, (POVS /HLTV). A player can send multiple entries. Deagle shots, spams or any weird stuff is also welcomed, and especially bloopers that I can use in video exit :P .

2. Make a notepad file and put the view demo timings of the kills.
For example u got 4 kills at 24 the minute. put it like 4 AWP kills at 24th minute( use viewdemo to check frag timings )
save the notepad file.

3. Zip/Rar the demo + the notepad file , name it like playername_no_of_kills like Nemesis_4AWP KILLS.zip

4.  Mail it to amitojduggal at gmail com (writing my email id this way to protect spam from advertisement bots :P ) , In case the file size is too large, upload it to some online storage website, like mediafire.com, and email the link.

5. Recheck above 4 points

Please Treat this as High Priority, inform you friends/Team Mates/Lan mates. i will put any frag that is good irrespective of the player name, as no one is a priority for me!

Thanks for the support all these years guys, this is my way to pay it all back.
Lets do it for the one LAST time!

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7 Responses to “Lets do it one last time :)”

  1. shashi says:


    give ur best…..

    i am waiting for ur nxt movie….:)

  2. Only POvs or hltvs will also do??

  3. Achyut says:

    gud sir…will send you

  4. j0j0 says:

    Great news
    When is the last date ?
    will start playing again
    and record sum crazy shots

  5. interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

  6. Sarthak says:

    Some Good + Average Frags…

    From Nimbus-NIT

    Deatils in TXTS.

    1 txt per DEM

    (5 Dems.)


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