About Nemesis


Hi,  this is Amitoj Duggal, better known as ” Nemesis” in the world of esports editing , i hail from Shimla, India.  I have served ” Vindicate Media Productions” for about 2 years as a consultant and a video editor , and  Currently i am working with world’s biggest esports organisation Gotfrag ( www.gotfrag.com) as a member of Movie Team 2009.  i have been working as a video editor for about 1.5  years now, trying to raise standards of Indian esports and presenting them towards    the rest of the world. i have been representing the country in various International video edit competitions, and a winner of year 2008 , “Gotfragged” competition !!!

Recently only, i have started working as a freelance graphics/ web designer, and have undertaken some really high profile design works.

Apart from all the work , i am crazy about football and esports tournaments across the world,  i am mad about my friends, and i love l337lauren and  pizzaaaaa :P

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