Photoshop Series : Power Of Color Dodge !!!

Color dodge, for those who are unaware about this term, i m going to explain it from the very beginning !!! All photoshop users are aware of the layer blending modes, like screen, overlay , hard light , soft light and many more. layer blending modes are the representation of how one layer affects the layer below it , each blending mode have its own special feature , concerning how it handles the brightness, colors, and various other features .


Most of you might have tried them at least once i guess, maybe by mistake, or maybe just playing around with which one actually looks the best for a particular kind of image. i have always been confused about what text effect to use in a particular poster, website header, or some random text that you plan to do.  i have received alot of queries about how i did the ” coming soon” text effect on this website long time back.

So, besides ” overlay”, screen , hard light soft light, we have one mode called color dodge. what this blending mode actually do is, it makes the above layer feel as if there is a light source beneath it and the light is dodging throught the layer. For color dodge to work properly , we shud make sure we have a good varying background beneath, that can be anything grudge, or maybe just simple gradient of 2 or more colors.

so lets get started with color dodge, after this tutorial , you will be able to make something like .



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Moviemaking [ Basics Explained : Episode 1]

hey all,

i always wanted to see more n more ppl from India doing editing stuff, but never got the chance to see some :/ , probably because we r unaware of how to do it, or we r just too lazy to even attempt.


takes me ages back to the ACID movie by my really nice friend delirious , whom i really respect alot, probably this movie triggered me into esports editing, and made me think about how this stuff was actually done by him, glad tht i got a chance to see such a nice edit, by one of the best editors alive !!!!!
so today, i am going to post the basic procedure of how cs movies r made, or how i will make them.. i have been making movies for about an year n half now, so just a beginner , trying my best…

Here are the steps i follow :

this is just a BASIC tutorial about getting started, will explain advanced stuff in future posts.
softwares u need :
Sony vegas
Bmp to avi ( posted link )
virtual dub.

This is one step everyone should take care of before we start making the clip. A good graphics card is a must requirement for good cs movie editing, and a powerful system. Graphics card mainly helps in achieving high quality graphics on account of AA and AF , anti aliasing and anti fading. In simple words these 2 entities enhance graphics by redrawing the edges of the objects and making them look sharper than normal. Make sure both entities r set to maximum ( AA n AF) , before starting with moviemaking, and vertical sync is forced off.

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Chaos Version 2.0


aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh takes me back to  IIT roorkee 2008 tournament, and following which i edited ” The Chaos Theory” , which i think is my best edit till date, i like pistology better though. but still chaos theory a 10 minutes movie, took me over 3 months to edit completly, also happens to be my first movie on my 8800 gt.

sooo, because of immense viewer response to the movie, i m thinking of editing a sequel of  Chaos theory, a ” chaos v 2″ , with some nice performance by teams from IIT, from NIT hamirpur and also my own team, team VBD.  i havent yet started with the edit, cause i have been really busy with other stuff in life. you can very well imagine the magnitude of the problems considering the fact that i havent edited for gotfrag for over 2 months now. my week in review series is on a halt for a while. but i surely promise to come back soon.

for the time being i will b focused on putting chaos v 2 to work, having some nice soundtracks on my list and also checked out some good fragging by the teams there.

lets get started !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Design design design !!!

from the past 2 weeks i m just designing and designing and designing, starting off with my own portfolio website , to barcamp himachal website, placers. org coding my own website template was the toughest part of everything,  at times the content wasnt centered, then i centered it somehow and found out tht it distrubed configurations on the other side… cheeeeeeeee………..  added portfolio to it somehow, cause i had no sequence for the work i have done so far.. so it was really really tough.

Added download links, contact page…. and blah blah!!!!

and now i will seriously b focused on adding some nice tutorials on moviemaking and design, the way i do it.. many video tutorials, and simpler ones, and also my current projects abotu wich alot of people ask frequently will b up as well , and i promise to provide any kind of help wat so ever to the community in terms of answers to basic query falana falana.
:) :)

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Phewwwww completed the portfolio page finally !!

finally i m finished with the portfolio page, it was really hectic, searching for all the psd files from my pc , 1000000000 of psd files, exporting images, resizing them, adding descriptions.

feeling so good tht i m finally dont with it… relaxed !!!!!!

wooohhhhoooooooooooooo !!!! :D

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