All the work i have done so far in Graphics / Web / Video edits innvolving some major NGOS and some reputed organisations / colleges !!!!


Ongoing Projects —

Chaos V 2.0second version of the video featuring best frags from this year IIT roorkee event !!

Week In Review ( Revival Tour ) – i will soon be back with Gotfrag week in reviews , stay tuned!!!!

Video Edits —- (Please Visit The Downloads Section to download the Videos)

GotFrag : Week In Review Series – Weekly Episodes of review featuring best frags from all the events from across the world.

Pistology - My entry for International Film festival , rated 4.6 outta 5, thanks for all your votes guys.. :)

The Chaos Theory A video Edit Featuring best frags from IIT roorkee’ annual Fest “Chaos ” – Year 2008.

Kode 5 India Top 10Collection of Best frags from KOde 5 India Qualifiers.

The Indian Roflcopter - Winning Entry for First ever competition organised by Steel series in collaboration with gotfrag. thanks to all the votes again :)

WCG India 2007 - My first video edit , featuring best frags from WCG India Edition.

Completed/LIVE Projects —

Barcamp Himachal Website - First ever Barcamp @ 6988 feet in the heart of Himalayas !

Placers.orgA website for a placement firm .

IIT Roorkee Tshirt DesignsT shirt designs for CS gamers community at IIT Roorkee

Game Theory Promotional poster design for a gaming fest at Amity Univeristy , Noida

Himachal Day at ICC Website - himachal day being organised at ICC by a certified NGO, ” my himachal ” (www.himachal.us )

Himvani New Logo DesignNew logo for www.himvani.com

FFDI Tshirt DesignsT shirt designs for FDDI , Noida

Gates 09 Promotional Poster Design- Official Fest Poster for GTBIT’s annual fest, GATES

Soldiers Of the SocietyPoster Design For a campaign by YUVA Unstoppable !!

Yuva Unstoppable Promotionalpromotional poster for yuva unstoppable.

Web Layouts ( i might sell these :P )

Himachal Tourism Website PrototypeWebsite Prototype for Himachal Tourism Website, not implemented

“My Himachal ” Web layoutnever used lol :(

Rock Band Website LayoutA template that can b used for a band website

Nemesis Effect Alternative DesignAn alternative design for my website.

Logos/Visiting Cards/ Other Stuff—

Barcamp Himachal LogoLogo For first ever Barcamp Himachal

Team Evilution LogoLogo for team evilution

Team ANM LogoLogo for team ANM

Team Vengence LogoLogo For team Vengence

Team MAD LogoLogo For team MAD

Team Zero Respect LogoLogo For team ZR

Team Massive Attack LogoLogo For Team Vengence

Team ECO LogoLogo For Team ECO

Cyber Games Championship LogoLogo For CGC

Team UNF LogoLogo For Team UNF

HandMade Hope LogoLogo For Handmade hope, a “Yuva unstroppable event “

Technical Society Of  GTBIT LOGO- Logo For Tech soceity of gtbit,under IP university.

Visiting Card For Neha :)

Visiting Card For Morpheus Events

Visiting Card For HimVani -


NecroPhobia –

Nemesis- Fear of the Unknown Poster -

Nemesis – Undefined Perfection Poster-

Nymphetamine Poster

Zombie Poster

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